The New Plumbing Technology that Improves your home and saves money to boot!

This article was written by Jeffrey Moore from A1 Water

A hundred years ago, interior plumbing systems constituted modern technology across most of the U. S. Cleansing water with chlorine systems was obviously a relatively new concept. If people from that era could view the state of modern plumbing, certainly they would be amazed.

Today, smart-home systems and other new technologies are helping domestic plumbing take another step forwards. Today’s plumbers use remote control cameras to find destruction in waterlines, which sometimes can be repaired without digging.

Here are some modern plumbing technologies that can speed up your marketing. For information how you can take good thing about updated systems for your home, contact an accredited, experienced plumbing service company.
Touch less faucets and lavatories

Being able to operate toilets and faucets without touching is more than simply a gimmick. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bacteria that cause the influenza and other illnesses might survive on hard metallic surfaces for two several hours or longer. They pass on when people touch these surfaces and then touch their eyes, mouths or noses.

“Keeping hands clean is one of the main steps we usually takes to avoid getting sick and spreading germs in front side of large audiences, very well in line with the CDC. Obviously, among the finest ways to keep hands clean is to avoid contact with toilets and taps — places where germs can thrive.

Ton stop technology

Water heating units, dishwashers, washing machines, lavatories and a few other items place some areas of the home in danger for costly normal water damage if something will go wrong. Today an electric flooding detection system can be installed in these locations. If something moves wrong and the device detects water on to the floor, it shuts off the hydrant to that specific area.

You may well not want to put them everywhere in your home. Occasionally, it can possible to identify the areas most at risk and install them in those locations.

Harry Right a local plumber based in Liverpool says “the new plumbing technologies are amazing, it saves us remarkable time when doing our day to day activities”.

Tankless normal water heaters

Tankless water heaters software has been around for many years, yet a lot of homeowners don’t know they can be found. They are up to 50 percent more high efficiency, and so the higher cost can be recouped over the life of the program. Tankless models may become more prone to scale buildup, so twelve-monthly servicing is suggested.


Less invasive pipe fixes

Pipe replacement has usually been expensive and difficult. If the leak was under a foundation piece or behind walls, the sole solution used to be to tear away the old pipes and install new. Today many of these problems can be resolved with a new technology that vehicle repairs the pipes in place. In a multi-step process, the interior of the pipes is cleaned with abrasive blasting. Afterward the inside of the water lines is coated with an epoxy resin that elephant seals and stops leaks.

An additional new technology actually allows replacement of pipes under the concrete in a home without trenching or tearing up flooring. A trained plumbing technician uses trench less technology and equipment to create a canal where the pipe needs to go. It can be much less expensive and far more convenient than older methods.

Not all plumbing companies offer these services, so if you have plumbing issues, make certain to contact a company trained on the most up-to-date methods.

Despite all the modern technology available, the best thing homeowners can do to be sure their plumbing systems work properly is to stay abreast of maintenance with twelve-monthly checkups and service to keep the plumbing up to date and avoid breakdowns or damage.

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