Technology Leaps and Bounds in Home Security

Technology has altered how we protect our homes radically. What was only possible in Sci-Fi movies previously is now little by little becoming a reality. The digital revolution has made its way into our homes and I for one think it couldn’t come fast enough.

  1. Remote Monitoring: Remote control monitoring is a superb way to monitor the home if you are at university or work, or if you do not live in that home. Even though you are travelling or on a beach a long way away, you can still receive real time videos and photographs of what is going on at your home. A number of the features monitoring systems provide are the ability to arm and disarm security systems now, send fire or intrusion alerts, and stream security camera feeds.
  2. Smart Door lock: Perhaps among the finest new features in technology based security is the development of the smart lock. These lock can find your occurrence automatically using Bluetooth in your smartphone or keyfob and uncover the entranceways for you. The very best digital door lock will also hook up to your house automation systems and advise other devices including the smart thermostat that you will be away to enter an energy-saving setting. While Bluetooth locks are better, they may have fewer features. Wi-Fi locks on the other side have more operation, like the capability to see if the hinged door is locked in real-time. However, the bond to the web makes Wi-Fi locks more susceptible to online security breaches also.
  3. Home Detectors: You’ll find so many premium security kits currently available which will be in a position to sense your occurrence and open or close the entranceway automatically. Home receptors can be installed on doors and windows and use action diagnosis, winks, and waves to ascertain your identity. They can be manipulated from a smart tablet or phone easily. Additionally, home sensor kits find movement in hallways and rooms. When armed, movement causes will be delivered to your smart device by email or text message. This real way, if anyone attempts to break in, you will be alerted immediately. Many home sensors also feature indoor sirens that provide audio tracks and visual warnings when a triggering event occurs.
  4. Smart Storage area systems: Handling your garage is simpler than ever before with smart storage systems. They work by plugging a network adapter into the home router, and registering the machine with a company then. Then, you can use the iphone app to control the garage door with your Android or iOS device, allowing visitors to enter and from the garage if you are not at home. This implies you don’t need to hide the main element under a rock and roll anymore. These systems will also inform you the length of time the storage area door has been available, and include motion sensors to safeguard small children and dogs and cats who might be crossing in or from the garage as the door has been closed.
  5. Fingerprint scanners: Once a futuristic illusion for sci-fi addicts, fingerprint scanning is currently becoming open to anyone of any socioeconomic track record, so long as you have a good tablet or cellphone. As the technology is nascent still, fingerprint scanning devices are gaining momentum. Fingerprint door locksare also becoming more and more widely used, and may be good option to these WIFI or bluetooth door locks.
  6. Smart cams: Security camcorders are cheaper, better to mount, and smarter than ever before. That modern smart video cameras include Wi-Fi connection now, you can stream live feeds of the proceedings at home easily. You can even save these feeds to the cloud and that means you can review them down the road should there be considered a need to.
  7. Complete home automation systems: There’s also complete home automation systems that enable you to control lock, lights, thermostats and security camera systems all from your smartphone or tablet. The greatest thing is you do not have even to be at home to take action.

This article was written by Paulo from Just Loft Conversions, they’re a UK based Loft Conversion company servicing clients in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Leeds. They can be found on their website


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